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    Oshen Reusable Eye Masks

     Whether used alone or paired with your preferred eye cream, these reusable eye masks are a saviour for tired, dull, puffy, and dry eyes! When used alone, they create a barrier, preventing transdermal moisture loss and promoting optimal hydration.


    The masks are also designed to boost the absorption of active ingredients when used in conjunction with your creams and gels, leaving your delicate eye area replenished and rejuvenated.


     *These eye masks are our hero product which kick-started the brand, produced in limited quantities, they will be hand packed by our founder in Sydney with a little gift included!  ♥


    ✣ Prevents transdermal moisture loss
    ✣ Boosts effectiveness of your skincare
    ✣ Plumps and tightens undereyes
    ✣ Eco-friendly and reusable
    ✣ Soft on skin

    How To Use

    Use these patches alone or combine with your favorite eye cream to reduce puffiness and tired eyes.Leave them on for at least 20 minutes, then remove, wash with a gentle cleanser or soap, and store them back in their fresh tin to keep them clean!

    For added de-puffing and cooling, we recommend storing them in the fridge for an elevated experience!

    Made From 

    Medical grade silicone.