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    How to Incorporate Under Eye Patches in Your Skincare Routine: Tips and Benefits

    • 2 min read

    If you're like most people, you've probably dealt with dark circles, puffiness, or fine lines around your eyes at some point. Fortunately, there's a simple and effective way to address these concerns: under eye patches. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of using under eye patches in your skincare routine, and share tips for getting the most out of this easy and convenient treatment.

    Tip #1: Choose the Right Under Eye Patches for Your Skin

    When it comes to under eye patches, there are many options to choose from. From hydrogel to silicone to paper, each material has its own unique benefits. It's important to choose a product that is compatible with your skin type and addresses your specific concerns. For example, if you have sensitive skin we recommend using patches which aren't infused with ingredients and can be paired with the eye cream or skin product of your choice.

    Tip #2: Use Under Eye Patches at the Right Time

    To get the most out of your under eye patches, it's important to use them at the right time. We recommend using them in the morning or at night after cleansing your face as the last step of your skincare routine. This will allow the active ingredients in your other products to penetrate and nourish the skin effectively.

    Tip #3: Apply Reusable Under Eye Patches Correctly

    Proper application is key when it comes to under eye patches. Gently place the patches under your eyes, making sure they adhere to your skin properly. Leave them on for the recommended amount of time (usually around 15-30 minutes), then remove and wash them. Don't forget to pat any excess serum into your skin for added benefits.

    So how do our patches work? One of the most common benefits of under eye patches is their ability to reduce puffiness and swelling around the eyes. The patches are made of 100% recycled silicone, regular silicone has long been used by surgeons to promote healing on post-surgery scars. The same premise works on wrinkles and under eye bags - the patch acts like a support for the skin, ironing out the lines and providing a zone for locking in moisture underneath. The result is smoother, more hydrated under eyes and in turn reduced irritation and brighter under eyes!

    Incorporating under eye patches into your skincare routine is an easy and effective way to improve the appearance of your under-eye area. By choosing the right product, using them at the right time, and applying them correctly, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced puffiness, hydrated and plump skin, and a brighter and firmer appearance. Remember, taking care of your skin doesn't have to be complicated or expensive - sometimes the simplest solutions can make the biggest difference.