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    Brand Story

    Together, we can protect our skin, protect our oceans, and inspire a new era of sustainable beauty. 

    Introducing Oshen, where passion for the ocean and marine life meets the world of skincare. Our brand story begins with a lifelong love affair with the sea and a relentless drive to protect the environment and its natural wonders. From a young age, I found myself immersed in the water, advocating for environmental preservation to anyone who would listen.

    Following my passion, I pursued a degree in marine science at the University of Auckland but uncertain about which path to take (and another passion of travel taking over), I graduated and immediately started traveling overseas and unexpectedly found myself in brand marketing roles within the skincare industry in South Korea. This experience led me to pursue a master's degree in international business, where I discovered a newfound fascination for skincare innovation, business, and the artistry of marketing.

    Living in Seoul, a hub of skincare brands, innovative research and development, provided an invaluable opportunity to learn about skincare from both scientific and marketing perspectives.The scientist within me was ignited again, I developed a great interest in skincare products that are gentle on our skin, gentle on the environment, but also effective. I was lucky enough to work for one particular brand in Seoul (which has a special place in my heart) that taught me so much about the importance of ingredients - both ethical sourcing and the importance of ingredients for your skin.

    Late 2021 I started traveling again and thus got back into the ocean a lot, I saw up close how damaged the ocean was from trash. Whilst traveling I wanted to use ocean friendly sun creams and lotions as I was in the ocean a lot but where I was there were very limited options and those available really irritated my skin.

    Motivated by the desire to create better alternatives, I decided to make my own reef safe SPF. Collaborating with a lab based in Europe, I quickly received my first sample of ocean-friendly SPF. However, crafting the perfect formula for sunscreen proved to be a complex process, and we are still developing the perfect formula for this product (stay tuned!).

    It started with an idea to make ocean friendly sun lotion, but I decided to seek out and make other alternatives to other daily skincare products which can be made in a more eco-friendly way. Because at the end of the day when you wash everything away it all gets deposited back into the environment around us - whether that's rinsing down the drain when you wash or throwing away packaging. 

    And so, Oshen was born.

    At Oshen, we are committed to providing skincare solutions that not only enhance your natural beauty but also prioritize the health of our environment and oceans. We are passionate about developing products that are gentle, effective, and sustainable, carefully selecting ingredients that align with our values of ethical sourcing and environmental consciousness.

    Join me on this journey as we strive to create a harmonious balance between skincare and nature.