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    Brand Story

    Together, we can protect our skin, protect our oceans, and inspire a new era of sustainable beauty. 

    I started developing formulas for Oshen in 2022 whilst working and traveling in Asia. I was born in the UK, but having lived in New Zealand and Australia immersed me in the ocean, nurturing my love for all things ocean related. It’s such a beautiful world which has a large effect on all ecosystems. 

    Subsequently, working in the skincare industry in South Korea opened my eyes to the innovations and opportunities available for developing clean products. I learned a great deal about ingredients during my years in Korea. This experience ignited a passion for innovative, clean ingredients, which I believe is reflected in the formulations chosen for Oshen.

    Being in the ocean frequently, I wanted to use ocean friendly SPFs but there were very limited options and those available often irritated my skin. So naturally, I decided to made my own reef-safe SPF! Collaborating with a European lab, I received the first sample of our ocean-friendly SPF. However, crafting the perfect formula for sunscreen is a complex process and we are still developing the perfect formula for this SPF.

    In 2023, I kick-started Oshen's product line to include products designed for sensitive skin with a focus on cleaner formulas and packaging. As someone with sensitive skin, it's crucial that my products deliver desired results while being gentle and produced through an eco-conscious supply chain.

    Essentially, I’ve created products that work with my skin and values, and I hope they work for other people too! And finger’s crossed the reef safe SPF will be ready in 2024!